Description 400 series stainless steel contain around 11% to 22% chromium content, about 2.5% nickel, and 1% carbon content, giving it a martensitic crystalline structure that provides the end product high-strength and high-wear resistance.Compare to the 300 series stainless steel , 400 series arent as resistant to corrosion and wearing. However, the products perform well China Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Mesh for Wall stainless steel punch plate stainless punch plate 304 platesStainless steel , low carbon steel plate , galvanized PVC sheet , cold rolled coil, hot rolled plate , aluminum plate and so on. 2.Types Pattern punching net, forming punch net, special thickness punch net, special thin punch net, micro-hole punch net, line cutting perforation net.Laser perforation network and so on. 3.Hole pattern:

Gr1 Titanium and 304L stainless steel cladding plate stainless steel punch plate stainless punch plate 304 plates

The clad plate is incredibly difficult to punch , drill or machine, but it can be cut and formed, including plasma cutting, drawing, bending and hot forming like normal steel plates . As a standard and custom titanium clad plates manufacturer, LKALLOY mainly supplying stainless steel , titanium, aluminum, copper and nickel clad plates for a wide stainless steel punch plate stainless punch plate 304 plates stainless steel punch plate stainless pu stainless steel hole puncher stainless steel punch tool steel hole puncher portable metal puncher punching holes in stainless steel metal plate with holes 304 stainless steel plate hole punch steel plate

SUS 304 Punching Plate

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