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Alumina ceramic Beads are made from high -purity alumina powder after isostatic pressing and high temperature sintering. The density of 92 alumina balls is about 3.6 cm3, the Mohs hardness is grade 9, the water absorption rate is close to 0, and the self-wear rate is 0.01%. Glass grinding. First, the hardness of glass is very high .

China Ceramic, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide - Ningbo Langsun

China Ceramic, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide - Ningbo Langsun. Ningbo Langsun Tungsten Carbide Ceramic Department specializes in development and manufacturing of advanced ceramic materials. Compared with metals material, ceramic materials have excellent properties such as high hardness , high strength, high temperature (fire) resistance , wear Wear Resistance Chemical Stability High Hardness Plate China High Thermal Shock Resistance Silicon Nitride Si3n4 Wear Resistance Chemical Stability High Hardness Plate2. Moh's hardness can be up to 9~9.5, Vicker's to be 2200MPa 3. High service temperature, the melting point up to 1900ºC 4. Low liner thermal expansion coefficient 2.8 ~ 3.2×10-6 5. Chemical stability except for hydrofluoric acid (HF) and hot phosphoric acid (H3PO4) 6. Good flatness with uniform shrinkage at the firing process

High temperature furnace Refractory silicon carbide Wear Resistance Chemical Stability High Hardness Plate

SHH H igh T emperature C eramic . The best wear protection material at high temperature . SHH high temperature ceramic has unique superiority of strong antioxidant activity, good wear resistance , high hardness , good thermal stability , high temperature strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance and chemical S390 MICROCLEAN - BÖHLER USProduct Description. BÖHLER S390 MICROCLEAN The decathlete. This class is our PM steel with many positive usage properties. For spiral drill bits, taps, mills, broaches, or cold-work applications, BÖHLER S390 MICROCLEAN is always a high performer.

S600 - BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG

Product Description. BÖHLER S600 The high -speed steel. Ideal for mills, spiral bits, and taps, broaches, cold-work tools. BÖHLER S600 is the most commonly used high -speed steel and is the starting material for our customers who deal with high -speed steel. SKD11 Tool Steel(Cold work die steel) - LION METALHigh hardness , high wear resistance eutectic carbide uniform, good toughness, not easy to crack, quenching hardness >62HRC. At 525°C, the nitriding treatment time is 20h/30h/60h, the depth of nitriding layer is 0.25mm/ 0.30mm / 0.35mm, and the

Steel 1.2842 Round Bar, Plate, Sheet, Rod Suppliers

It has low density, high strength .high hot hardness , good chemical stability and excellent high temperature oxidation resistance . It is hard to form built-up edge in cutting process. Density. 6.20 g/cm 3. Hardness . 92.0 HRA. Applications Wear Resistant 92% Alumina Ceramic Plate

Wear resistance of reactive plasma sprayed and laser Wear Resistance Chemical Stability High Hardness Plate

Wear resistance of reactive plasma sprayed TiB 2 TiC 0.3 N 0.7 based composite coatings and the as-sprayed coating with laser surface treatment was investigated using plate -on-plate tests. Wear tests were performed at different normal loads and sliding speeds under dry sliding conditions in air. What is S700MC hot rolled pickled steel use - Automotive Wear Resistance Chemical Stability High Hardness PlateThe excellent properties of wear resistant steel plate meet the strict requirements of high strength, high wear resistance , stability , straightness and surface quality. The combination of high hardness , high strength and excellent impact toughness makes S700MC hot rolled pickled steel plate become an ideal material for a wide range of applications.

xrwearresistantWear Hardfacing Plate

Wear Hardfacing Plate has strong stability at high temperatures, maintain high hardness , and also have good anti-oxidation properties.Wear Hardfacing Plates are fully used within 500 0 C. Wear Hardfacing Plate has high wear resistance and good impact performance. Wear Hardfacing Plate can be cut, bent, welded, etc.

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