Anti Wear Abrasion Material Lining Pl

abrasion vs wear best materials for abrasion resistance China Composite Rubber Ceramic Wear Lining Plate for Anti Wear Abrasion Material Lining PlateHigh alumina ceramic wear liners and steel wear plates Alumina ceramic wear tile offers high abrasion resistance, acid and alkli resistance is effectively prolong the service life of equipment and considered to be the best choice of anti -wearing and anti -corrosion material ; Wear resistance of aluina ceramic is 200 times than that of special Anti Wear Abrasion Material Lining Plate

Hardox&wear plate is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the development of the Shandong Sinho Special Material Co., protection materials and energy-saving technology, located in Linyi national high tech Development Zone,Shandong provice, China. We supply the technology consulting, engineering design,

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