Guide to Making Holes in Sheet Metal - How to Work

Author Stuart Deutsch Published Jul 01, 2010 8 mins Preparation Is Key. Your first step should always be to locate the centers of Always Use a Clampor Three. Never ever hold a sheet-metal workpiece in Twist Drills are Great for Small Diameter Holes. Drilling a hole in sheet metal Using a Step Drill Bit to Skip Some Steps. Step drill bits, such as the Hole Saws for Large Opening. In contrast to how twist and step drill bits Portable Hand PunchesNo Mess, Lots of Grip. A hand punch, such as Knockout Punches Wield Sheer Force. Knockout punches, such as Circle-Cutters for Large or Odd-Sized Holes. Perhaps you need to make a A Smooth Finish. While some holes in sheet metal may be cut very cleanly,

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