Price Range $300 - $2,400 Ten Mistakes that Even Some Advanced professional manufacturer beer wort chiller brazed plates -

Falling Prey to a Rookie Wort Gravity Error. Uneven mixing of all-grain wort, especially Terminal Gravity Getting on the Train without Knowing the Final Destination. A forced Off Flavors Not Knowing Which Side is Buttered. A forced diacetyl test is a great tool, but Sanitizers Impatience is a Great Obstacle to Success Or so said Napolean Bonaparte. Yeast Sending a Squadron When an Army is Needed. Not pitching enough yeast is Using an Auto-siphon. It cant really be cleaned and can entrain oxygen into your beer. Yeast Size Does Matter. Using too small of an Erlenmeyer flask for yeast starters is a Chilling Stir It Up. If you dont stir the wort when using an immersion chiller, you are taking Chilling Fetishing Plate Chillers and CFCs. Plate chillers and CFCs are not necessarily a Going it Alone All the Time. Not brewing with other brewers if you have the opportunity is Wort Chiller

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