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Use a food thermometer to be sure your food is safe. When you think your food is done, place the food thermometer in the thickest part of the food , making sure not to touch bone, fat, or gristle. Refer to our Minimum Cooking Temperatures Chart to be sure your foods have reached a safe temperature. Keep food hot (140F or above) after cooking: 5 Ways to Deliver Excellent Customer Service at Your plate take food furtherWhen serving food , have a system so you know which plates go to which diner. Dont call out entrées if possible. Never make diners feel like you want them to leave. The servers tip is not more important than the diners comfort. Dont make your diners ask for the check. Clear plates , bring the check and process it in a timely manner. 2.

Niche Food Group. Saint Louis, Missouri. Awards and Best Restaurant Lists Here are the Best Fall Cookbooks and Food Books for Chefs. Here Are the