Carbide Rods,Tubes , China Quality Supplier Electronic Zirconia Knife Blade Square Cemented Carbide Plate with Long LifeTime

WELDED TUNGSTEM CARBIDE KNIFE Solid tungsten carbide and welded tungsten carbide slitting knife are used for metal plates slitting with high precision.Such as copper,aluminum,silicon steel plates and other common steel plates .And the high-precision cutter knife for battery industry now reaches the international leading level.

China tungsten carbide cold heading die manufacturers Square Cemented Carbide Plate with Long LifeTime

tungsten carbide cold heading die on sale manufacturers, find details about tungsten carbide cold heading die manufacturers, supplier and wholesaler , is a professional manufactuer of cemented carbide products in China, we have been in this line for more than 25 years. The tools made from us are with long life time and stable machining performance. If there is any interest please feel free to let us know, free samples are available. Contact Us Jennifer Square Cemented Carbide Plate with L cemented carbide company cemented carbide products cemented carbide tools cemented carbide pdf cemented carbide rods cemented carbide inserts cemented carbide cutting tools cemented tungsten carbide

square cemented carbide plate with Long Lif 5.0 (6) Contact Supplier. 1/6. Tungsten Cemented Carbide Strips Square bar STB blanks. US $50.00 (now the wholly is a large licenced import and export enterprise integrating R&D, manufacture and trade of cemented carbide in a whole and has strong R&D ability and advanced production facilities. is a professional supplier of tungsten carbide products in Zhuzhou City in China. With a wide range of products including tungsten carbide rods, carbide dies, carbide slitting saws, coated inserts, endmills, tungsten carbid bits, plates , fishing weight and many customized products.

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