Cargo Net,Cargo Netting,Truck Cargo Net,Climbing Cargo

A Cargo Net is a type of net.It is usually square or rectangle, but sometimes round, made of thick rope, with cinch ropes extending from the corners, and in some designs, the edges.It is named for its use in transferring cargo to and from ships. We provide auto cargo net ,cargo net for climbing tasks and nets for cargo protections.

China 200kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter 3.5 Times Vertical Plate Clamp with Lock Device, Lifting Clamp for Auto Type Permanent 1ton Magnetic Lifter for Steel Plate

Working load limit(WLL)0.8-5T. Use For lifting and transporting of thick steel plates . Articulated lifting shackle. The clamp is fitted with a locking device for both open and closed positions, which ensures complete safety.

high quality magnetic sheet lifter in philippines - Nhirvs Auto Type Permanent 1ton Magnetic Lifter for Steel Plate

Portable Crane 500kg 1ton 2 Ton Lifting Permanent Magnet Automatic Steel Bar 1 Ton Magnetic Steel Sheet Lifters ,Rectangular Type Electro Magnetic Lifter Sheet Metal Lifter ,Permanent Electric Magnetic Lifter Sheet Panel Tool Import From Italy,Magnetic Crane Sheet Material Lifter for Lifting Electro Magnet Equipment,Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Permanent Magnetic Lifter , (Original name "Longji Magnet Co., Ltd. ")was established in 1993, a leading manufacturer of industrial magnetic equipment in Asia, including magnetic separator, lifting magnet , eddy current separator, metal detector, drum separator, WHIMS, vibratory feeder, etc. Head office in China with the sub-company in India and office in America.

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