1/4 steel plate 4x8 SAPH370 automobile steel coil price wear resistant hardfacing steel plate producers

Hardfacing wear -resistant steel plate is a kind of wear -resistant steel plate with double-layer structure. In order to make it into wear -resistant parts better, it is necessary to weld and assemble the wear -resistant steel plate , SAPH370 automobile steel coil. China Hardfacing, Overlay, Cladding, Chromium Carbide wear resistant hardfacing steel plate producersChemical composition ECI wear -resistant composite steel plate is one or more layers of wear -resistant alloy containing a large amount of chromium carbide hard particles deposited on the low-carbon steel backing plate . Micro structure The volume fraction of Cr7C3 carbide in the metallographic structure of the wear -resistant layer reaches more than 50%.

China Wodon Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate - China wear resistant hardfacing steel plate producers

Results The test results show that the life span of Wodon wear plate is 2.5 times higher than domestic wear plates and 1.5 times than imported ones. 2. Chromium carbide microstructure. The wear resistance of wear plate depends mostly on the hardness, shape, size, amount and distribution of the chromium carbide hard particles. 3. wear resistant hardfacing steel plate p wear resistant stainless steel wear resistant plate

Some of the most popular wear resistant steel plate manufacturers include Contact Now. Is a Chinese professional manufacturer, which specializes in the research and producing various Welding Consumables and processing products, including submerged arc welding flux, welding wire, hardfacing products, wear liners plate and pipe and other custom wear resistant products.

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